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Production and broadcasting of film and television activities

Jingyu International launched a comprehensive film and television production and broadcasting program,

​ launched a professional all-round virtual studio, advancing with the times,

Use digital and technology to bring innovative education methods.


Professional virtual studio


​ Mobile Live Broadcaster

oMix Pro 3D virtual studio

Exquisite and portable all-in-one machine, the best investment for beginners

The highest standard production scale

  • Students have no real production experience at the beginning, use thisoMix Pro 3DThe virtual studio is simple and easy to operate. Students can not only understand the finishing operation process and structure in the field of film and television, but also allow students to learn how to do sub-control post-production and other operations, and make a professional live broadcast or program.  

Mobile Live Broadcaster 

Highly integrated broadcast guide panel

Meet the needs of webcasting in different occasions

  • Portable tablet design, easy to carry when going out, while avoiding redundant connections and complicated signals, and simple UI design, you can quickly set up a live broadcast anytime, anywhere. It can also attract students to actively learn while teaching, and also inspire Students' creative thinking keeps up with the trend of technology.

Production and broadcasting of film and television activities-customer case

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