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Mobile Live Broadcaster 

Highly integrated broadcast guide panel

Meet the needs of webcasting in different occasions

  • Built-in MultiView

  • Multi-platform live broadcast

  • Micro design, mobile production and broadcasting

  • Extreme simplicity, visual experience

  • Real-time interactive sharing

​Product Analysis



Portable tablet design, easy to carry when going out, while avoiding redundant connections and complicated signals, and simple UI design, you can quickly set up a live broadcast anytime, anywhere. It can also attract students to actively learn while teaching, and also inspire Students' creative thinking keeps up with the trend of technology.  


You can quickly build a live broadcast anytime, anywhere and keep up with the trend of technology



Start the live broadcast with one click

  1. It supports a variety of inputs, including IP camera, SDI, HDMI, NET, DDR, SRT, NDI|HX and local material, and can support professional live broadcasting without any pressure.  

  2. Switch to PGM by clicking on any video channel (SDI-1/2, HDMI-1/2, NET, DDR). The signal can also be switched at will, and the live broadcast can be started with one button.  

  3. The CG panel can publish pictures to the PGM monitoring interface. There are many built-in pictures to choose from, and you can also import external pictures in png/jpg format. The picture position can be adjusted according to the needs, and a single channel supports up to 12 pictures.  

  4. Simple UI design allows students to operate easily.



​ Advantages

Watch the images of each machine on one screen at the same time

  1. You can easily join the live broadcast by scanning the QRcode or entering the 6-digit director code, making the live broadcast easier and faster. Complete watching the screens of each machine on one screen at the same time.  



Actively participate in learning to stimulate students' creative thinking

It can be used in live broadcasting, whether it is sports competitions, cooking, beauty makeup, or simple chatting, etc., it can quickly start live broadcasting. In addition, it can also be used in teaching. In the course It can broadcast the content that teachers want to broadcast live, attract students to actively participate in learning, stimulate students' creative thinking, and at the same time allow students to grasp the camera to increase their sense of participation.  

Product Description


Mobile Live Broadcaster 

6 channel screen guide

NSCaster X1 series is equipped with 2 SDI and 2 HDMI input interfaces, supporting 1080P60 FHD signal source. In addition, it supports IP camera, NET stream input, DDR local material and other signals, 6-channel picture guide switch, multi-dimensional three-dimensional professional live broadcast presentation.


No delay touch switching

NSCaster X1 series is equipped with an 11.6-inch high-resolution touch display screen, just touch any video channel window (SDI-1/2, HDMI-1/2, NET, DDR) to switch to the main monitoring screen, multi-angle , Multi-channel signals can switch positions at will, realizing the program effect that only skilled professional operators can produce!

Combined presentation of picture-in-picture

NSCaster X1 series supports simultaneous presentation of the main screen and multiple sub screens on the same screen. A variety of different screen split layouts, switching between the main screen and sub-screen at a very fast speed, helping you save time in post-production. This is ideal for productions such as live sports and studio programming!


match scoreboard

The NSCaster X1 series has a built-in live event scoreboard function, with a variety of templates to choose from, which can display the score of the current live game in real time. There are scoring rule templates for sports events such as basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Make the live broadcast of the event more professional, easier to operate, and more intuitive to watch!

CG overlay

The CG panel of the NSCaster X1 series can publish pictures to the main monitoring interface. It has a large number of built-in picture materials and supports importing external png/jpg picture formats. It can also create and import exclusive live broadcast logos, move the material position and adjust the size direction at will for secondary editing , and meet the requirements of superimposing 12 pictures at the same time, packing the sense of picture and fun of the live broadcast.


Full platform live broadcast

NSCaster X1 series has a variety of built-in live broadcast platforms (witness, business live broadcast, facebook, youtube, RTMP, etc.); it can be pushed to multiple live broadcast platforms in real time, radiating the live broadcast influence of the entire network. Supports common live streaming platforms such as Douyu, Huya, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, etc.

product specification

Mobile Live Broadcaster 

  1. It adopts XLR XLR and large three-core mixed port, both XLR and three-core can be used, which guarantees its professionalism in essence.

  2. Smartphones, encoders and other front-end devices do not need wiring connections, just scan the QR code on the NSCaster X1 or enter the 6-digit director code, and the connection with the NSCaster X1 will be realized immediately, making the live broadcast simpler and faster.

  3. Built-in wired network, WiFi, 4G module (full Netcom), to meet the network needs of different live broadcast occasions, making live broadcast ubiquitous and more convenient.

  4. It has powerful video access capability, supports channel customization, and can choose physical input, IP camera input, network stream and other video source input, which can meet various live broadcast needs.

  5. Supports camera pan/tilt operation, zoom, focus, and aperture operations, supports up, down, left, right, upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right pan/tilt movement, supports dragging any position of the pan/tilt to move, and quickly locates the target.

   Basic parameters of the mobile live broadcast machine:

  1. 6 output channels

  2. 2 SDI inputs

  3. 2 HDMI inputs

  4. 1 channel SDI output

  5. 2-way HDMIoutput

  6. 2-way XLR/SAN-core audio input

  7. 2 road cardsLennon/big three-core audio output

  8. 1 channel 3.5mm stereo monitor output

  9. Live+ access

  10. A9 processor

  11. 3GB memory

  12. 256GB SSD

  13. Built-in WiFi wireless network card

  14. Built-in Gigabit LAN

  15. 4 Tally outputs

  16. Built-in 11.6-inch high-definition touch display

  17. Multi-bit rate live broadcast

  18. Multi-protocol network stream access

  19. multi-channel recording

  20. Power-down safety recording

  21. Built-in mixer

  22. Subtitle/Subtitle/CG

  23. ​ built-in full Netcom 4G module

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