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​AI Smart Education

Jingyu International launched a comprehensive AI smart education program,

​ From AI IoT programming maker to AI smart field recognition robot...

Keep pace with the times and use digital and technology to bring innovative educational methods.


AI IoT Programming

AI Smart Field Recognition Robot


educational robot

AIoT artificial intelligence

internet of thingsprogrammingmaker

Macworld Best Development Software Award

BETT Best ICT Information Communication Development Tool

  • AIoT is a system that can be combined with various external hardware devices. Use the Internet to connect items to the system, so as to perform "intelligent identification, positioning, monitoring, tracking, and management" on items. In addition, combining the AIoT system with LiveCode programming syntax makes it easier for people to learn how to write programs.

AI smart field recognition robot

What AI Robots Replaced Humans?

  • Nowadays, robots are more and more widely used in daily life. This product allows students to understand the scope of robot application, and cultivate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art subjects) and 5C (creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication) and cooperation) and other capabilities. It needs to be matched with programming to control the operation of the robot, so as to train logical thinking.


RoboMaster EP 

Educational Robot Expansion Set

The new generation of MechMaster EP has opened up the software development kit

Realize artificial intelligence recognition, vocal control, and formation dancing

  • As Taiwan pays more and more attention to the development of STEAM education, coupled with the rich functions of DJI RoboMaster EP, it is expected to gradually develop more courses and teaching materials, starting from robot-related knowledge such as robots, programming, machinery, artificial intelligence To cultivate students' interest in engineering and technology research, help them connect the digital world and the real world, and learn the technical principles behind product manufacturing, engineering research and development, and competitions.  

AI smart education-customer case

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