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Big health application tool

Jingyu International launched a comprehensive health application tool,

​ From Klinefelter Attention Span Test CPT3 & KCPT2 to

Continuity of Attention Auditory Test CATA...Keep pace with the times.


attention hearing test

AI Smart Field Recognition Robot


Conners CATA

Serial Auditory Test of Attention
Assess auditory processing and attention-related problems in people older than 8 years

  • When the tester is not comfortable with the text response test, Conner CATA can be used to conduct the listening and attention test. By playing high and low pitches in turn, the tester is required to make relevant responses to evaluate the relationship between the tester's auditory processing and attention. question.  


Klinefelter Attention Span Test


Sole general agent in Taiwan

Klinefelter Attention Span and Attention Performance Test

  • K-CPT 2/K-CPT 3 is an attention test software for toddlers and preschool (4-8 years old) children, and can complete the test very quickly.


Big health application tool - customer case

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