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Klinefelter Attention Span Test

CPT3 & K-CPT2 

K-CPT 2/K-CPT 3 is an attention test software for toddlers and preschool children aged 4-8

  • K-CPT2 is a software used to assess attention deficits in children aged four to seven

  • K-CPT2 takes half the time (7.5 minutes) to complete the test, making it ideal for younger children

    Measured results can be used for clinical assessment, early identification, and subsequent educational classification

  • CPT3 is widely used in research and clinical assessments of ADHD for respondents aged 6 years or older


​Product Analysis


K-CPT 2/K-CPT 3 is an attention test software for toddlers and preschool (4-8 years old) children, and can complete the test very quickly.  


The attention test software for toddlers and preschool (4-8 years old) children can complete the test very quickly

Helps assessors to assess the exact nature of attentional problems



  1. Can collect the subject's negligence, impulsive personality, persistent concentration, vigilance, etc., and evaluate the index in various aspects.  

  2. The detection time is fast, and it only takes 7-15 minutes to complete the detection.  

  3. Up-to-date data is provided, and a new scoring algorithm is developed to help assessors assess the exact nature of attentional problems.  

  4. Reports are easy to interpret, providing clear visuals and summaries. 



​ Advantages

Simple and clear report, making it easier for evaluators to interpret

  1. The detection time is short, suitable for young children, and the short detection time makes children more willing to cooperate with the detection.  

  2. The simple and clear report not only makes it easier for the evaluators to interpret, but also makes the follow-up evaluation more accurate and faster.  

  3. Use software settings to allow testing to be performed in more diverse places.



In Occupational Therapy, testing children can help with treatment

It can be used in occupational therapy to test children and help treat them; in addition, it can also do preliminary tests on children in general child testing.  

Product Description

Conners CPT 3

  • Krebs Attention Span Performance is an attention-related test software used to test individuals.

  • Conners CPT can help assess whether the subject suffers from Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other attention-related psychiatric conditions.

  • Conners CPT3 can provide an objective value of the individual's performance in the attention test.

  • Can help identify specific areas of concern and areas of struggle for the subject. For example, the testee may struggle with the persistence test, but can focus on impulsivity, which can provide a more macro interpretation.

  • CPT can assess individuals in an objective manner because the test of attention cannot possibly be scored by another biased individual who recognizes what the problem is.

  • CPT Report

After the subject accepts the test, relevant reports can be produced, and the scores of various indicators can be judged according to the report content, which are mainly divided into four aspects: A) Inattentiveness,  B) Impulsivity, C) Sustained Attention, D) Vigilance; And use the scores of various responses to judge the main aspect of the subject's attention problem

  • There are also two ways to present the report

  1. Assessment Reports: Provide detailed information from the scores in a single test, this report will be presented in numerical and graphical form, compare the testee's scores with the standard sample, and point out the differences between the scales

  2. Progress Reports: It is used to compare the test results of the same subject at different times, and can compare the content of 2-4 tests. These reports are very suitable for monitoring treatment.   


Conners K-CPT2 

  • Main product features​​

  • Written by Dr. C. Keith Conners, an internationally recognized academic clinician and ADHD specialist

  •  Efficient testing that takes just seven and a half minutes to complete

  •  Up-to-date data available to standardize ConnersK-CPT 2 test scores

  •  Development of new scores and scoring algorithms to help evaluators determine the exact nature of children's attention problems

  •  Redesigned computer-generated reports with clear visuals and explanatory text for easy interpretation by users

  • working principle

Conners K-CPT 2 uses an interstimulus interval (ISI) of 1.5 or 3 seconds to prevent practice effects that can occur as respondents learn to anticipate and prepare for stimuli. Each Conners K-CPT 2 administration consisted of 5 blocks, each containing 20 trial subblocks of 1.5 s ISI and 20 trial subblocks of 3 ISI (total of 200 trials).

  • Tests attention in four different areas:

     1. Inattention 2. Impulsivity 3. Sustained attention 4. Alertness


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