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oMix Pro 3D virtual studio

Exquisite and portable all-in-one machine, the best investment for beginners

The highest standard production scale

  • A variety of convenient designs are carefully designed for beginners

  • Optimized for education and commercial market needs, suitable for general non-professionals

  • It is easy to carry, and it is not a problem to carry it on the plane


​Product Analysis


The effective use of space enables repeated use to build scenes that are larger than the actual space, and different scenes can also share the same studio. Compared with traditional studios, there is no need for space to stock up on sets.


Change sets in a short time, surpassing the reusability of traditional studios



Great tool for beginners

  1. The operation interface of the main system of the virtual studio is fully displayed in traditional Chinese, which can quickly learn and operate the system.

  2. For the convenience of beginners, the system has a real 2D engine (not 3D simulation 2D), which can import general 2D materials, such as PNG, JPG, Live input, etc., and can do back removal, layer sorting and displacement. Layer sorting needs more than just sorting The front and back order also needs to control the distance between the front and back layers to create a 3D effect.

  3. Convenient operation, the scene/material editor can be directly summoned from the main operation screen of the virtual studio to obtain all editor functions, and the editing results can be directly stored in the PGM output channel, no need to open additional third-party software, and the PGM cannot be affected before the editing is completed Output content. The scene/material editor must be free of copyright restrictions, allowing users or students to make scenes at home in advance, so as to reduce the preparation time in the on-site studio.



​ Advantages

​Simple and portable, more convenient for teaching

  1. The virtual studio needs to be able to simulate a classroom whiteboard in the output window. You can use a mouse or a stylus to write, draw or erase in the output window, and it can be superimposed with the original displayed content for output.

  2. In order to facilitate the teacher's teaching and use and enhance the practicability, the virtual studio host must have the Freehand brush function. The teacher can write and draw on the output screen, and can choose the color of the virtual pen and delete (eliminate) the brush marks at will.



The teaching system is more perfect and the learning mode is more diverse

In the classroom, teachers canIt is not a problem to use multiple modes for teaching, and it is not a problem to encounter distance learning. The virtual studio can be used to present live teaching. The multiple live modes make the classroom richer and easy to operate. One person can complete it. At the same time, students can also learn to produce professional and complete film and television and live broadcast programs, so that students can be familiar with the production and broadcasting process and operation in advance, so that they can have more skills in the actual operation in the future.  

Product Description


oMix Pro 3D virtual studio

 1. It can be connected to 9 channels of material input up to 4K (3280*2160) and mixed and switched.

 8. With a variety of rich 3D virtual scenes, the system adopts track-free tracking technology, which does not need to use boats, cameras, infrared rays, grids, etc.

 2. Up to 8 kinds of custom transitions, 4 downstream key signals, the operation interface is simple and intuitive.


 3. A radio and television-level subtitle editor, which can define self-body and text edges, self-surface light effects, etc., and the horse-racing subtitles are smooth and smooth.

​4. Custom hotkeys can be set with general computer keyboards to switch between broadcasting guides. Multitasking mode has been achieved.

​7.Pan-Tilt-oom can use the control panel of the broadcast director to remotely control the camera, and one person can complete complex programs.

 6. Real-time RTMP push live broadcast, support simultaneous live broadcast on two platforms, custom code stream.

 5. Real-time recording can choose different video formats for archiving and image quality.

product specification

oMix Pro 3D virtual studio all-in-one machine

  1. Equipped with 12 material channels, among which at least 4 different 3D scenes and 8 2D scenes (or materials) can be loaded at the same time; at the same time, 4 channels can be selected for recording, and the PGM output channel needs to be recorded at the same time, and two live broadcasts can be performed at the same time , when the front opening function is fully turned on, the system performance must be able to load, and there must be no LAG phenomenon in video recording and live broadcast. Support subtitle lyrics, channel import, transition effects and CG subtitles.

  2. Support NDI standard agreement, and need to support NDI input and output at the same time.

  3. To support augmented reality AR, you can interface with HTC VIVE devices. VIVE needs to have a tracker and a locator. AR materials are provided by VIVE (purchased separately). Its performance and positioning capabilities depend on the capabilities of VIVE.

  4. Provide at least 120 3D scenes and 35GB 2D materials for users to use free of charge. The 3D virtual scene must include (not in the same frame) 1 host, 2 hosts, and 3 hosts, including sitting and standing.

   The virtual studio host uses an All-in-one integrated chassis, including:

  1. Built-in 17-inch or above FHD monitor and standard mouse and keyboard

  2. Built-in at least 4 integrated (canon+6.3mm) audio connector inputs and at least two integrated audio outputs

  3. Built-in at least 60-key director control panel with T bar, PTZ control rocker and master volume fader

  4. The built-in 4-inch touch monitor can adjust the individual volume and the color of the light on the back panel of the all-in-one machine

  5. The LOGO is embossed on the back panel of the all-in-one machine with a transparent nameplate, and the luminous color can be selected by the touch screen

  6. The size of the all-in-one machine conforms to the standard size of the airline's portable, and can be carried on the plane

  7. Equipped with second and third monitors, 17-inch HDMI interface, can be hung on both sides of the chassis to become a professional system with three displays in one

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