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ZMorph VX 3D Printer

3D printing + CNC processing + laser engraving + food printing
​Four functions at one time  Quick and easy

  • The ZMorph VX 3D Printer Offers a New and Easier New Workplace,With a few easy steps, you can switch between different working heads and have different applications.

  • ​The working head is fixed by magnets for quick replacement.


​Product Analysis


The Morph VX multi-function printer allows students to enjoy the thrill of free creation. Students can freely match the desired printing head, 3D printing, CNC processing, laser engraving, etc., with different applications, allowing 3D printing Not just a single plastic wire, but you can choose the most suitable material for printing.  


Allow students to enjoy the thrill of free creation, students can freely match the desired printing head



Compatible with more than 30 kinds of materials, not just plastic wire printing

  1. The printing accuracy is in microns, so the fine quality of printing can be felt from the surface of the model object, and students can create higher-quality physical works.  

  2. ZMorph VX composite 3D printer is compatible with more than 30 kinds of materials. It is no longer just printing with plastic wires. You can choose the most suitable materials to let students maximize their creativity.  

  3. This 3D printer can choose double-material printing, so that the color of the material can be mixed according to the design requirements of the students' works, and can print more unique works.  

  4. This product has Voxelizer dedicated software, which is completely free and supports most 3D formats. Many advanced functions can be applied to advanced designs to increase the possibility of students' creation.  


​ Advantages


Can easily switch printing from 3D printing/CNC processing/laser engraving and food printing

  1. With a unique closed-loop system, when high-speed 3D printing is required or CNC processing requires high torque, it can ensure the stability of students' works during printing and processing.  

  2. At present, there is no platform that can easily switch printing from 3D printing/CNC processing/laser engraving and food printing, so that students can be easier and unlimited in the process of creation.  

Product Description



By combining familiar materials with mixed color processing, design products with students' personal style or uniqueness

For example: students in the design department can not only learn more about the application of materials in the product design course, but also design products with the students' personal style or uniqueness by combining the materials they know with mixed color processing; Combining and creating materials to verify students' designs or projects, to achieve multi-faceted presentation of experimental results.  

  • ZMorph VX 3D Printer

recommended material

  1. 3D printing: ABS, PLA, PVA, PET, ASA, nylon, HIPS, temperature-changing wire, TPU, flexible wire

  2. CNC cutting and engraving:All kinds of wood, PC board, PE board, acrylic board, industrial wax block, copper clad laminate (for printed circuit), POM board, foam board

  3. Laser engraving:Various woods, leather, copper clad laminates (for printed circuits)

  4. Laser cutting:Paper, cardboard, felt, shim materials

  5. Food (dough) printing: chocolate, cookie dough, cream cheese, icing, clay



  1. The body is made of high-precision 4mm and 3mm thick aluminum, 2mm and 3mm stainless steel, and 3mm PET

  2. X and Y axes are high-precision steel rails

  3. Precisely machined aluminum X-frame for durability

  4. The standard nozzle is 0.4mm, which can be replaced with 0.2mm/0.3mm

  5. The working head can be replaced (six types are optional) 1.75mm nozzle / 3.0mm nozzle / professional double nozzle / CNC processing  / laser engraving  /food (sticky) printing head

  6. Work platform can be replaced: 3D printing work platform and CNC / laser work platform

  7. The non-slip trapezoidal nut on the Z axis is made of high hardness POM

  8. 3D printing working platform: ultra-flat and precise working platform with replaceable borosilicate glass plate, temperature up to 100°C

  9. CNC Table: Rugged aluminum platform with pre-set holes and fixtures (for material positioning)

  10.  Additional SD card

Motor Specifications

  1. Processor: Sunbeam 3.0 with ARM LPC1769

  2. Equipped with five stepping motors (3 for XYZ axis + 2 for dual nozzles)

  3. Built-in CD drive function, connected via USB interface


Diverse Compatibility

ZMorph VX composite 3D printer is compatible with more than 30 kinds of materials, from general 3D printing consumables: ABS / PLA / HIPS.. to special materials: wood, mechanical wax, EVA foam.. etc. even more. You can use mixed materials or even experimental materials. Choose the most suitable material for your own application. Instead of only using plastic wire.

Improved print quality

The accuracy is in microns, and the fine quality of printing can be touched from the surface of the object.


Dual-material printing allows you to be at the forefront

ZMorph VX is a multifunctional 3D printer that can meet your different printing needs. You can choose dual-material 3D printing, color mixing, image rubbing, and PVA water-soluble support materials.

Unlimited imagination, unlimited creation

Can 3D printers only print objects? No!
ZMorph VX Multifunction Printer Lets You Enjoy the Freedom of Creation
You can match the printing heads you want: 3D printing, CNC processing, laser engraving, and even more combinations.


​special software

Zmorph multifunctional 3D printer uses Voxelizer special software, the special software design can make ZMorph 3D printer play all the most extreme functions. And the software is completely free. It supports most 3D formats, can apply many advanced functions to advanced designs, and is very easy to use.

closed loop system

ZMorph 3D printer has a unique closed loop system. To put it simply, this system has a mechanism for checking accuracy and correcting maintenance during printing all the time. Especially when high-speed 3D printing is required or high torque is required for CNC machining. It can ensure the stability during printing and processing.


product specification

ZMorph VX 3D Printer


working size

250 x 235 x 165mm

Package Size


 Package weight

20 Kg (body with basic accessories)

positioning accuracy

X/Y axis 14 microns  Z axis 0.6 microns

print max temperature


Print Layer Thickness

 0.05 ~ 0.4mm


LCD color touch screen


 Compatible with: Voxelizer, Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r

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