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Versa STUDIO Digital Direct Ink Printer

It can work on the spot, making printing on cotton fabrics easier and more convenient.

  • Garment printer for easy and fast printing on cotton goods.

  • You can directly print pictures, graphics, and text on various items such as T-shirts, handbags, and home interiors to create your own original products.

  • Because of its small size, it is very suitable to be installed in large commercial centers, convenience stores, small clothing stores, etc... shops with limited area, as well as hotels, tourist attractions, or venues for various events.

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機

​Product Analysis


This product can be quickly and easily printed on cotton products, and can directly make graphics, pictures, text, etc. on the fabric, and make it into your own original small objects, and does not require a large space to place this product.  

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機

Quick and easy to print on cotton goods to create your own little creations

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機


Simple and lightweight design, combined with a mobile phone, it can be easily photographed and printed

  1. The simple and lightweight design can be placed in general computer classrooms, and it is convenient for students to use in class, and it can be used in normal classes.  

  2. Combined with a mobile phone, it can be easily taken and printed, and it can be used with easy-to-operate additional software, which can be used as an instant editor.  


​ Advantages

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機

Work area for printing large areas instead of only small areas

  1. The large-area printing working area makes the fabric area that can be printed larger, and it is better to do the design of the whole fabric instead of only printing in a small area.

  2. The roll-type design of the automatic paper delivery system prevents paper jams and greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the machine.

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機
Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機


The printing time and steps are less, which can bring the possibility of commercialization of student works

For example: it can be used as peripheral products printed by students when designing brands (canvas bags, pencil bags, T-shirt printing, etc.), or various original small picture printed products. The printing time and steps are less, which can bring the possibility of commercialization of student works.  

product specification


Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機

A4 standard tray 291 × 204 mm, A5 tray 204 × 142 mm

print area

print resolution

1200 × 1200dpi

50 to 100 % cotton 4 mm

printable material

Installation Environment

Temperature 15° to 32°C

Humidity 15 to 80 % RH

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Ethernet (10BASE‐T, 100BASE‐TX)


operating system

Windows® 7/8.1/10Mac OS X 10.11 or later

220‐240 V: 50/60 Hz 0.6 A (when all devices are installed), 100‐120 V: 60 Hz 1 A (at the time of all equipment deployment)

computer requirements

power consumption

47W maximum

In energy saving mode 220-240 V: 1.8 W, 100-120 V: 1.7 W

Standby 399 × 682.8 × 292.5 mm

Operating 399 × 760.3 × 292.5 mm

physical dimension
 (width x depth x height)


about 24 kg

Accessories Specifications

Versa STUDIO 數位直噴印表機

Optional items: Ironing device for color fixing

​ Ironer

Cassette Tray

Box tray - A4 size,Box Tray - A5 Size

Cartridge Cyan, 100 cc

Cartridge Magenta, 100 cc

Cartridge Yellow, 100 cc

TPG-BK Cartridge Black, 140 cc

Textile Pigment Ink

Cleaning fluid cartridge

Cleaning Fluid Cartridge Cyan, 42 cc

Cleaning fluid cartridge Magenta, 42 cc

Cleaning Fluid Cartridge Yellow, 42 cc

Cleaning Fluid Cartridge Black, 42 cc

Cleaning tools, cleaning fluids, cleaning pads, cleaning sticks,

Ink collector, fan filter

 Cleaning Tools

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