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牙醫使用 3D 打印機

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Form3 is the fourth-generation model of formlabs. It is equipped with the latest patented low-stress light-curing molding technology (LFS). Compared with SLA, it is more mature. Its features include elastic resin tank and closed optical module (LPU), etc., greatly It increases the reliability and stability of the machine, and can print high-quality objects with high precision, smoothness and transparency.

LFS Industrial Light Curing Model Form 3

3D OEM printing service description:

  1. Please prepare the STL file you need to print

  2. The quantity, layer thickness, and material selection you need to print (please refer to the material and layer thickness options below)

  3. In order to facilitate the correct placement of objects and support materials, please explain the relevant applications and mark the important points: Do you need to combine them? Which sides need to be combined? Which details are more important?

  4. Please fill in your contact information (your unit, name and contact number) by contacting us (click on the lower right corner) and upload your file or email to Jingyu International Mailbox: or call 02- 7736-2846 Describes related needs.

  5. Professional engineers will evaluate and provide you with a quotation (the quotation includes printing, cleaning and post-curing, excluding other post-processing services).

  6. After confirming that you want to print, please sign the quotation back and remit the printing payment to the account of Jingyu International Co., Ltd. After the payment is completed, it will be scheduled for printing.

  7. Items will be completed and dispatched in the number of working days provided at the time of quotation.

​General resin [like ABS material]
engineering resin
special resin
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