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Formlabs3 3D Printer

Good for the earth, high efficiency and low cost, environmentally friendly 3D printing machine

  • Passed TVOC test, environmentally friendly and odorless printing

  • Added automatic detection of replenishment, printing large objects without trouble 

  • ​ It’s okay to print overweight in large space

​Product Analysis


Stable and fast, it is a desktop 3D printer. It can be used for large-area planar models, kit component testing and small-batch production, and prototypes of various consumer products and mechanical parts.  


Stable and fast, it is a desktop 3D printer



Meet multiple sizes at one time, no problem with automatic feeding and remote printing

  1. Large printing space: 33.5*20*30cm with a diagonal of nearly 50cm,Automatic detection of refilling, printing large objects without worry.

  2. More than 20 kinds of materials, hard and soft materials for engineering, vertical laser beam and excellent layer alignment, greatly improve the transparency.

  3. The exclusive design of the closed optical engine enables the laser point to achieve a high degree of sharpness.

  4. Ultra-simple slicing software, start printing in seconds.

  5. Light Touch Support Technology makes support removal easier with minimal object marks

  6. High precision, the laser light will absorb the diffuse light through the spatial filter, and pass through several mirrors to ensure that the beam hits the forming groove vertically.

  7. ​ Passed the TVOC test, no worry about producing hazardous gas.


​ Advantages


A variety of intelligent detection functions, traditional Chinese version of the slicing software Preform

  1. Remote printing through the online dashboard, the printing process can be performed anytime and anywhere, regardless of time and place.

  2. Simple control, automatic placement of objects and generation of support materials, layer thickness from 0.025-0.3mm, self-adjusting the size of contact points, one-click printing is super convenient.

  3. Formlabs automatic cleaning machine and temperature-controlled light-curing machine are being launched one after another. They can automatically help you clean objects, and the grooves and gaps are not a problem. The temperature-controlled curing machine allows your objects to perform better, with higher hardness, toughness, and elasticity. More bombs.



By using 3D list machines with different characteristics together, product models can be made more quickly

In the process of product design, there is often a gap between the design concept and the physical production. By using the 3D list machine with different characteristics, the product model can be made more quickly; and when there is a problem with the finished product, it can be quickly corrected and re-produced. Not only is it a smart product for the industry, students of product design related departments also have more possibilities to develop product ideas and make finished products.  

Formlabs3 3D Printer

Description of product features

  • ​Low stress light curing technology
  1. ​ The surface is fine and smooth: elastic molding groove film design, newly developed LPU optical module
  2. Lightly touch the support material: the support point is thinner and easier to disassemble
  3. High accuracy: laser point 85 microns, layer thickness minimum 25 microns
  4. ​ Better transparency: optical transparency effect
  • Form3 & Form 3B
​Molding space 14.5*14.5*18.5CM High-precision effect, intelligent feeding system Traditional Chinese slicing software
  • ​Intelligent feeding
The machine automatically detects the refill, no need to manually pour the material, no pipeline is not afraid of blockage, truly achieve the production of turning off the lights!
  • Form3L & Form 3BL
​Molding space 33.5*20*30cm double laser system, fast printing experience, double cassette intelligent feeding
  • ​ Passed a number of environmental certifications
  1. Wifi certification: Form3 passed NCC, 4G and 5G Wifi certification
  2. Noise detection: sound power level 51, sound pressure level 38, both lower than the national standard
  3. VOC low spill detection: A total of 37 volatile substances were detected, all of which meet the national standards
  • Form Wash & Form Wash L
       Form Cure & Form Cure L
Magnetic rotary automatic cleaning, clean and smooth
Light secondary curing, material performance improved again

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