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SLASH+  3D Printer

Equipped with the world's fastest 3D printer technology

  • Ultra-high resolution, ultra-fast, liquid crystal display (LCD) contact photocuring 3D printer

  • To enable high-quality 3D printing without sacrificing speed and ease of use. SLASH is developed with the same precision and speed as industrial 3D printers, while taking into account the price acceptable to ordinary consumers

  • With easy-to-use software, the slicing software has a variety of basic functions and the cloud for sharing and publishing creations, making it no longer difficult to have high-precision 3D printing


​Product Analysis


In the past, it was necessary to use large-scale industrial printing machines to achieve the printing speed, but now the SLASH+ 3D desktop printer can print high-precision 3D models at a fraction of the cost and speed of industrial grades; the printing time is reduced The solidification time increases the printing speed, so that students can quickly print out the model products needed in the classroom in the classroom.  


Reduce curing time and increase printing speed when printing



High-quality industrial-grade 3D models can be printed conveniently at any time ​

  1. The desktop 3D printer developed with the same precision and speed as the industrial 3D printer can conveniently print high-quality industrial-grade 3D models at any time. ​

  2. Files can be transferred via Wi-Fi, making printing files more convenient.  

  3. When the model is printed, this printer reduces the time for solidifying the 3D model volume, increases the output speed, and reduces the waiting time for printing.  

  4. The machine has built-in advanced model repair function and surface smoothing technology to make the printed model more detailed.  


​ Advantages


A 3D printer that can print at high speed and achieve industrial-grade model accuracy and details

  1. Compared with commercially available desktop 3D printing machines, the SLASH+ 3D printer is a 3D printing machine that can print at high speed and achieve industrial-grade model accuracy and details.  ​

  2. Large solid objects can be printed at high speeds, faster than most other desktop 3D printers.  



Use the SLASH+ 3D printer to accurately and quickly print out the industrial-grade required part models

For example, students of mechanical and information science can use this 3D printer to accurately and quickly print out industrial-grade part models, so when students find design errors, they can correct and reprint the proof.  

Product Description

  • SLASH+  3D printer

Reduce cure time to increase speed

Before SLASH, 1,000 cc/hr was only possible on large industrial machines worth over $100,000, now we make it possible to use it in your home.


 High resolution at low cost

  1. With WQXGA (2560 x 1600, 339 ppi, 75μm x-y axis) ultra-high resolution IPS LCD display and ball screw (10μm z axis), SLASH is able to deliver industrial-grade precision and detail.

  2. ​ As an example, a WQXGA DMD chip (used in a DLP projector) alone will cost you over $3500****. Adding image-correcting optics and other components to a DLP 3D printer system using this chip is bound to be very expensive. On the other hand, with LCD contact exposure technology, SLASH can provide the same results much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

product specification

SLASH+  3D printer


printing technology

LCD light curing

​print size

​192 × 120 × 200mm

​XY resolution

75µm,  WQXGA [2560 × 1600]

​highest precision

±20 µm

Layer thickness|Z axis

10,25,50,100,150,200,300µm (can be customized)

separation technology

Polymer membrane separation technology  (about 100 times more durable than PDMS)


​UNIZ smart support generation technology

print speed

1,000 cc/hour, 200 mm/hour  (thin wall structure)

Resin level control

automatic level control

size and weight

350×400×530mm [W×H×D]  , 14KG

​operating temperature

​ Resin temperature must be 18-28°C

​Power Requirements

​100-240V,3A 50/60Hz,240W

​optical system

5000K Lux blue LED array Refractive index matching liquid cooling system

​mechanical structure

Carbon Fiber Reinforced/Steel Reinforced, Adjustable Tray

​Link method

​USB, Wifi, Ethernet

System Requirements

Windows 7 SP1 and above
Mac OS X 10.7 or later (64-bit only), 16GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1, dedicated video card
​Multiple printers can be managed
Large file support (1GB+)


Built-in advanced model repair function Surface smoothing technology

Applicable format


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