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VR motion capture module

Detonate the new revolution of motion capture, we walk hand in hand with you in the virtual world
  • Use active radio frequency invisible light to perform reverse skeleton motion via joint-bound receivers

  • Record students' body movements and play them back immediately on the virtual character's movements in VR

  • In addition, bvh motion files can also be exported for character animation in animation software such as Motion Builder, Max, Blender, etc.

​Product Analysis



Students don't have the skills to develop a VR game from scratch on their own

Through this motion capture module, the function of VR can be directly upgraded. Students can use the motion capture module to show emotional expressions and body movements without real people, and can also learn to make character animations. .



Provide the project file developed by Unity,Have legal teaching plan authorization to use


2.可以連接到遊戲引擎如 Unity 或 Unreal Engine上,當場進行測試!




​ Advantages

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, provide original files of Unity development projects, and teach students game design courses

The previous motion capture system was very expensive, but this VR motion capture system can directly interface with Unity without spending an expensive price, and can also output BHV motion files for editing.



Suitable for multimedia or digital field

  1. For example: In terms of teaching, now that the epidemic is serious and the chances of being unable to attend classes due to home isolation are greatly increased, teachers can use VR virtual reality with motion capture modules, without any restrictions, to teach the content of classes remotely, and students can continue as usual Absorb the knowledge in class, and the learning progress will not be delayed.

  2. Applied in the nursing department, it can immediately simulate various physiological movements of real people, and even practice CPR and other rescue procedures in a VR motion capture environment.

​Product Introduction

  1.  The VIVE Mobile Tracker wirelessly and seamlessly connects to the VIVE system and additional tools, allowing you to develop and experience virtual reality games with unprecedented freedom.

3.  Thanks to Vive Trackers (mobile positioner) - VR motion capture brings more convincing motion capture technology. Inverse kinematics (inverse kinematics, a system that uses a skeleton structure to analyze real motion) is applied to fill the gaps between anchor points, making the motion of people in VR more realistic.


4. Widely used in military, entertainment, sports,Medical applications, computer vision, and robotics, among many other fields;In the field of film production and video game development,It usually records the movements of human actors and translates them into the movements of digital models and produces computer animation in 2D or 3D.

5.  ​Vive Tracker can be attached to the body to enhance body tracking beyond the head and hands. ​ By attaching trackers where they are most effective, combined with inverse kinematics, a full-body motion capture solution can be formed.

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