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. The UV curable resin for 3D printing is suitable for all kinds of 3D printers with a printing wavelength of 405nm and imaging curing.

. The cured resin is low-irritant, low-odor, rich in color, and can also be customized.

. A variety of characteristic resins are available for purchase, including basic Basic, high-toughness PPlike, flexible and high-extensibility Flex, washable and clean Water, high-hardness Storng, and high-temperature resins that can withstand high temperatures up to 260 degrees C.

. The resin has low viscosity and good fluidity, and the photocuring reaction speed is fast, saving printing time and reducing costs.

. After printing and forming, the residual resin is easy to clean and remove, and the surface presents a natural and delicate matte surface after cleaning.

. It can be customized and blended into various resins with various hardness, flexibility, color, and masking properties. The printing and curing parameters are wide, the printing yield is high, and it is easy to use.

WaterC Washable Resin - Gray 500ml

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