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. Transparent and colorless liquid, specially designed as a cleaning agent for SLA 3D printed objects.

. It can replace solvent-based cleaning agents such as alcohol and isopropanol.

. Low viscosity, strong cleaning power, clear printing details.

. The surface is dry and not sticky after washing.

. Not plump, does not reduce the mechanical strength of the object.

. Non-flammable, no danger of flammability and explosion.

. Suitable for all kinds of SLA / DLP / LCD light-curing 3D printing machine finished machine, tool cleaning.

. Product value preservation period: 12 months, avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and other places.

Magic Wash magic speed cleaning agent/3D printing cleaning agent/resin cleaning agent - 1KG/5KG (suitable for SLA/DLP/LCD light curing 3D printing products)

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