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MR Mixed Reality Construction and Development Module

The perfect encounter between the real world and the digital world

VR Studio Mixed Reality Live Streaming Solution

  • Abandon the traditional education environment in the past and use text plus narration as the main teaching method

  • Possibility of integrating new technologies through VR panoramas and real student videos

  • Improving Teachers' Teaching Effectiveness

  • Stimulate peer students' teamwork and mutual motivation for the development of multiple talents 

​Product Analysis


The traditional teaching environment is mainly based on words and explanations, but now that the information network age is developed, many students absorb knowledge through online videos or pictures, but using MR mixed reality, teachers and students are not bound to interact in teaching , students can effectively learn and increase their memory of courses through MR real simulation operations, so that teachers can be more effective in teaching.


Using MR mixed reality, teachers and students are not bound to interact with each other



Precise positioning of the real scene, so that there is no gap between the virtual and real environment

  1. Through the real 3D camera, the real scene can be positioned very accurately, so that there is no gap between the virtual and real environment.

  2. MR mixed reality is a combination of the "real environment" in AR + the "immersion" and "virtual interaction" elements in VR, presenting the feeling that the real and virtual worlds are mixed so that users can't tell the difference.

  3. The development of MR haptics allows users to feel the relevant tactile sensation when interacting with virtual reality, and it can be more realistic and close to reality in action teaching or interactive teaching.



​ Advantages

Original product, currently no MR product is suitable for the education market

  1. MR mixed reality and development module, you can learn to change the unity game project file from VR to MR presentation.

  2. Original product, currently there is no MR product suitable for the education market.



School outdoor classes no longer need to be limited by the weather to class content and training

For example: when taking physical education classes outside the school, the class content and training are often limited by the weather. Now you can use MR mixed reality to develop modules, which can also be used to train football goalkeeper defense, baseball batting practice, or tennis swing, etc. In this way, not only is it not affected by the weather, but also the same training course can be carried out with just a little indoor venue.

Product Description

  • The realization of Mixed Reality visual effects involves howTechniques for superimposing virtual elements and real scenes:


  1. How to accurately locate the real scene

  2. How to render virtual elements

  3. How to superimpose virtual elements on the real scene in real time and then return to the video stream

  4. The most difficult thing is how to superimpose virtual elements and real elements, and "MR Mixed Reality Construction and Development Module" can quickly solve this problem.

  5. Once the camera moves, both the real scene and the virtual elements must be synchronized with the movement.

  6. The frame rate of the TV camera is 50FPS, that is to say, the engine needs to render a frame every 20ms, which is a very high requirement.

Therefore, the system should include the working status of the camera, including the position and angle of view, etc., so that the virtual engine can render the corresponding picture.

The same principle, the live singer can be combined with the virtual house and geometric patterns, and if the game scene is exactly the scene he is experiencing, an ideal third-person perspective live broadcast effect of VR games can be achieved up.

Detailed specifications

Mixed Reality virtual reality hybrid technology and optical positioning new technology project content:

  • Provide real-time combination of live images and virtual images, allowing the evaluators to observe from a third perspective

  • Real 3D Camera

  • VR mixed reality photography and real-time compositing standard workflow

  • VR Virtual Reality Environment Setup

  • Mixed reality fitting technology teaching

  • Teaching Automatic Lens FOV Correction Techniques

  • Virtual studio to teach professional skills

  • Teaching teaching of automatic calculation of relative coordinates of real camera in 3D VR world

  • Teaching and setting of VR environment and camera screen fit technology

  • final compositing technique

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