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METAZA MPX-95 photo metal printer

print personal tags,Metal Gifts Personalization and Direct Parts Marking Opportunities

  • Print graphics, text and QR codes on metal gifts and equipment

  • Precise, low-cost and easy-to-operate solution

  • Removable base for printing on larger items

  • Quiet and safe operation, suitable for shop or laboratory

  • Includes METAZA Studio software

  • Optional Gift or Direct Parts Marking Work Kit


​Product Analysis


It can be printed on metal, usually used to make personalized products, and can also be used for marking on medical and industrial parts. Simple operation, suitable for all public use.  


Quick and easy to print on cotton goods to create your own little creations



Pins in different sizes securely hold irregularly shaped items

  1. Equipped with a movable bottom plate and base, it is convenient to print on larger objects. And it can be printed on curved and irregular metal.  

  2. Features pins of different sizes to hold irregularly shaped items securely.  

  3. Files in EPS, JPEG or BMP format are supported, plus documents can be imported and edited directly from digital cameras, scanners and smartphones.  

  4. The fully enclosed design can maintain quiet, clean and safe operation, and the body is designed to be easily picked up, which is convenient to take to other places.  

  5. With a diamond head bur, it can print on metals such as silver, copper, platinum, brass and aluminum (hardness up to 200HV), and the fine bur design can print more subtle patterns.  


​ Advantages


No longer limited to flat products, it can be printed on irregular shapes

  1. The clip-on design makes it possible to print on irregular shapes rather than on flat products.  

  2. Simple operation mode, and support for JPEG files that are most acceptable to the public, the product has a design that is more suitable for the public to use.  

  3. Silent, clean, safe operation and easy to carry design, so that the product can be used in more occasions.



Make metal products with your own style, and the product styles that can be made are more diverse

  1. When designing products, students of the design department can produce metal products with their own style, and the product styles that can be produced are more diverse, and it is difficult for ordinary students to actually make products (insulated water bottles, clocks, metal glasses frames, metal accessories, etc.).  

  2. It can be used by hospitals and mechanical students to mark parts. The medical field does not need special professional knowledge to use this product to mark medical parts. When studying mechanical science, this product can also be used as an entry-level mechanical mark.  

​Product Description

  • METAZA MPX-95  Photo Metal Printer

Personalize hundreds of metal objects,

MPX-95 Personalization options include:

  • pen and business card holder,smart device,Jewelry, jewelry,Sunglasses​,Bottles and tankards,vases and teapots,watchGolf clubs,trophy nameplate​,pet name tag


Center vise with clamping pin

  • Pins of different sizes securely hold irregularly shaped items in a unique arrangement. ​​

  • Adjustable pinch settings support the personalization process for repeatable pet name tags, jewelry, and cylindrical items such as beer mugs and teapots.

center clamp

  • The fixed center clamp ensures fast setup and item personalization when printing many different items in a row.

end cap

  • The DPM Industry Pack contains 30 round and 10 flat end caps that mount to the MPX-95 printhead unit for easy printing on curved and flat surfaces.


Variable data printing

  • Automatically print serial data, numbers and names onto corresponding items in a gift collection, or add unique security serial numbers to expensive jewelry items.

Includes convenient and easy-to-use software

1.   METAZA Studio-

  • Import and edit documents from  EPS, JPEG , or  BMP  format files, or directly from digital cameras, scanners, and smartphones.

  • Add text, borders and backgrounds and rotate text and images. METAZA Studio  also supports vector format text and line art.



2.   Dr. Engrave-

  • Dr. Engrave built-in TrueType  fonts and automatic typesetting tools can easily import Excel  and CSV  files,It can support the production of variable data products.


More Precise, Less Worry

  • With no debris, noise or odor, users can add fine detail decoration and complex barcode data to photos up to 80 x 80 mm in the print area. The MPX-95 produces more refined prints with significantly less cleaning.

  • Users can carry it anywhere, it can be used in weddings, handicraftsSouvenir making at fairs, pet shows and other large events.

Other great features

  • Diamond-tipped burs for marking on metal surfaces such as silver, copper, platinum, brass and aluminum (hardness not exceeding 200HV)

  • Includes easy-to-use  METAZA Studio  software - DPM  version with  2D  symbol code maker

  • Built-in laser pointer for quick and precise print setup

  • Automatic Surface Detection

  • The variable data printing function can meet the printing needs of sequence data

  • Compact, fully enclosed design - safe and silent operation in any kiosk, shop or laboratory


product specification



Maximum print area:3.2 inches (W) X 3.2 inches (D) X 2.8 inches (H),80mm (W) X 80mm (D) X 70mm (H)

Recommended printing area:2.0 inches (W) X 2.0 inches (D) X 2.8 inches (H), 50 mm (W) X 50 mm (D) X 70 mm (H)

print area

print resolution

High resolution 529 dpi,Photo 353 dpi,Text 265 dpi,Vector 1058 dpi

print material

Gold, silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
(The Vickers hardness [HX] of the printing surface shall not exceed 200)

Installation Environment

Temperature 50 to 86°F (10 to 30 C)

Humidity 35 to 80% (non-condensing)


transmission interface

print speed

Photo 2.0 in/s (50 mm/s)

High resolution/text 1.2 in/s (33 mm/s)

Vector 0.94 in/s (24 mm/s)

220‐240 V: 50/60 Hz 0.6 A (when all devices are installed), 100‐120 V: 60 Hz 1 A (at the time of all equipment deployment)

computer requirements

power consumption

About 21W

11.3 inches (W) x 15.1 inches (D) x 12.2 inches (H)
286 mm (W) × 383 mm (D) × 308 mm (H)

physical dimension

running noise

​ not exceeding 70 decibels (A)

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