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Space Magician Software

Easily show 3D drawing design creativity

  • The 3D cartoon animation software with the easiest learning curve, the most fun, and the fastest output

  • It is easy to learn and teach, what you see is what you get, and there is no learning barrier, so it is widely loved by teachers and students who are learning animation for the first time

  • As an enlightenment to understand 3D animation multimedia

  • Built-in a wealth of materials and functions such as cartoon characters, props, special effects, lighting, actions, cameras, etc., select and apply to perform your own animation story


​Product Analysis


There is no need to spend too much learning time and expensive tuition fees. The operation interface is full of Chinese culture, easy to learn and easy to use, so that students can quickly learn to master the concept of space and 3D drawing design.  


Quickly learn to master the concept of space and 3D drawing design

It has the characteristics of intuition, instant, simulation, precision, smoothness and speed



  1. Intuitive, real-time, realistic, accurate, smooth, fast, etc., design system with performance and 3D dynamics.  

  2. It can simultaneously complete floor plans, section elevations, 3D perspective drawings, and manuscript drawings, and has built-in rich building materials and models.

  3. With special light and shadow technology, there is no need to wait for rendering time, and it only takes 9 seconds to complete the drawing.  

  4. 2D and 3D drawing are synchronized. When the plan is completed, the 3D stereo can also grow synchronously, saving unnecessary time.  



​ Advantages

The full Chinese interface is intuitive and fast to use.

  1. Sectional elevation and three views are automatically generated, which can be easily completed without drawing another drawing.  

  2. The full Chinese interface allows students to use it intuitively and quickly.  



Cultivate students' sense of space and 3D drawing design

  • For example: architecture, interior design, etc., cultivate students' sense of space and 3D drawing design, help students easily grasp the concept of spatial geometry, accurately plan indoor and outdoor spaces, and show the beauty of drawing. It can also allow students to successfully apply what they have learned to the workplace, shortening the gap between learning and application.  

Product Description

  • Space Magician Software

  • Cultivate students' sense of space and possess the ability to apply information technology.

  • Apply and integrate information, digital technology and profession.

  • Give full play to expressiveness and imagination, and demonstrate innovation, creativity and beauty.

  • Produce specific learning outcomes (3D color renderings, VR virtual reality, 720 environment images, dynamic videos).

  • Enrich the learning history file.

  • 2D, 3D synchronous presentation, what you see is what you get.

  • The software is simple and easy to use.

  • One set can handle the functions that need three sets of software.

  • Self-developed in Taiwan, high-quality service is instant and fast. Software buyout, no annual payment.


Save 50% of drawing time!

  • 2D and 3D editing and editing are synchronized, and 3D animation can be shown for the first proposal, which improves the advantage of receiving cases!

  • 2D and 3D drawing are synchronized, and when the plan is completed, the 3D stereo will grow out simultaneously.

  • Sectional elevation and three views are automatically generated, no additional drawing is required, and construction drawings can be easily completed.

16 hours to start ‧ 9 seconds to draw pictures ‧ Tens of thousands of gallery

  • All Chinese humanized operation interface, no matter beginners or professional designers, can learn it within 16 hours.

  • Special light and shadow technology does not require rendering time, and the drawing is completed in 9 seconds.

  • Work more efficiently, bid farewell to the life of staying up late, and embrace a healthy life!


Smart cabinet system

  • Cabinet appearance style, number of grids, size setting, vertical panels, drawers, pull baskets, door pieces, etc., can be selected and dragged with the mouse, positioned and applied, and edited and modified easily.

  • It can automatically generate three views and mark dimensions.

3D model, building material library, features

  • Tens of thousands of 3D models and building material textures are built in.

  • Tree database, classified by space and style, easy to find the perfect match!

  • Continue to provide new 3D models and building materials every month, free download!

  • The whole group download of the new gallery, 1-click installation and automatic classification and archiving, the whole process does not take 1 minute!

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