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LED 3D Holographic Advertising Integration Solution

​Innovation achieves the beauty of vision Patented LED advertising machine

  • Synchronization with holographic display via HDMI connection

  • Can be connected to host computer, leapmotion, xbox, Kinect

  • Can connect to run interactive games

  • Real-time holographic video call can be realized

  • It can be turned on and off at regular intervals, which can greatly save power waste.

​Product Analysis


It is impossible to bring the two-dimensional image to the audience without any dead angle. Through the LED 3D holographic advertisement, the work can be presented at 360 degrees without any dead angle, successfully creating a topic.


It is impossible to bring the flat image to the audience without any dead ends



The audio source supports bluetooth speaker playback, and the timer is set to switch on and off

  1. The holographic device is equipped with various output functions such as mobile phones with Android and iOS systems, PC-side APP, and WiFi uploading materials.It is easy and convenient to output the results from the existing equipment to the LED 3D holographic advertising machine.

  2. The sound source supports Bluetooth speaker playback. Even if the students' works are video animations or interactive games with sound, the original sound can be presented to the audience.It not only brings the audience visual but also auditory sense.

  3. It can be turned on and off at regular intervals, and the use time can be set in advance to greatly save power waste.

  4. Regardless of the amount of content that needs to be presented, the number of panels can be adjusted as needed.



​ Advantages

Cooperate with many well-known enterprises, with 46 patents and certifications

quality guaranteed

  1. Cooperate with many well-known companies, such as: adidas, coach, BMW, Sammi Cheng's Hong Kong concert in 2019, etc.,Allow students to display their work on an international scale.

  2. With 46 patents and certifications, there is no need to worry about using LED 3D holographic advertising machines without certification or in the process of infringement litigation, and the quality is guaranteed.

  3. Purchasing high-quality and high-brightness LED panels can restore true colors without distortion!



Students can present their works without dead ends through 3D holographic advertisements

For example: Design students often want to display different types of works in exhibitions. Through LED 3D holographic advertisements, no matter whether it is a flat work or a video, the works can be presented without dead ends. Regardless of the size of the work, the number of pages can be adjusted according to the work. , the content of the work can also be matched with sound effects and played through Bluetooth speakers, so that the overall exhibition can be presented with a high scale and standard.

Product Description


"DSee holographic equipment is equipped with Android, iOS system mobile phones, PC-side APP, WiFi upload materials, and complete management functions"

  1. Multiple selection of content, one-click upload

  2. Support Bluetooth speaker playback

  3. Editable playlist

  4. Adjustable screen angle brightness

  5. Mixed reality fitting technology teaching

  6. Timing switch

  7. One-click switching network mode

  8. One-click upload and update firmware

  9. You can view the device version and status


"It is a cloud management system that can remotely control dazzling screen devices, and can better manage the application side of commercial advertisements."

  1. Applicable to the control of external display parties by the master controller

  2. Can be customized development and privatized deployment

  3. Distributed in every corner of the city

  4. A large number of dazzling screen terminals for real-time monitoring

  5. Upload and manage monitoring content


3.  Application software

"Thousands of 3D cool and cheap materials to choose from. Cool and affordable materials from various industries are often updated Alipay, PAYPAL one-click payment"

  1. corporate logo

  2. promotional text

  3. Special effects model free production

  4. A variety of special effects and 3D models can be applied with one click

  5. One-click delivery of fool-like operations on the cloud platform

  6. Lower the threshold of video production and greatly reduce the cost of video production

​Customer case

​exhibition activities

​Taobao Creation Festival

​Guangzhou International Auto Show

Hon Hai Foxconn Import Expo

BMW China Beijing Fengke Wanda Exhibition

Guangzhou International Auto Show

Bulgari product launch

​concerts and shows

The 19th Asian Games Emblem Announcement Press Conference

The Opening Ceremony of the 60th Anniversary of CCTV

2019 Sammi Cheng Hong Kong Concert


Performance at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Expo

Italian National Concert

​Retail store

Budweiser Blue Frog Bar

adidas store

SAIC MAXUS Capital Airport T3

Wanda Plaza Anta store showcase

COACH counter

​advertising sign

Signage of Wanda Plaza

Wanda Plaza multi-screen billboard

Quanzhou Airport 3*6

Korean Subway Renovation

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