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Texart Dye Sublimation Printer

All-in-one direct printing for textiles

  • Outstanding productivity, excellent print quality and a reputation for reliability

  • Improve the rigidity and style of printed output for a variety of products including sportswear, fashion apparel, soft signage, interior decoration, promotional sales and a variety of other products


​Product Analysis


It is specially designed to reduce the difficulty of operation, and is mainly suitable for printing on materials such as cloth. Using transfer printing technology, a wide range of printing can be done. The difficulty is reduced, and it can also allow students to get started faster as an application.


It is specially designed to reduce the difficulty of operation, so that students can get started faster as an application

You can download the free app from the iTunes store and operate the dye-sublimation printer remotely



  1. The transfer paper has strong ink absorption ability and short drying time. It is also used for sublimation transfer printing on the product, which can transfer the ink to the product at a high degree, making the printed color more saturated.

  2. You can download the free app from the iTunes store and operate the dye-sublimation printer remotely.

  3. Combined with the automatic paper take-up system, the paper take-up reel can deliver paper evenly, making printing smoother and faster, and preventing paper jams.

  4. The printing work area is large, and it can print in a large area; when printing in a small area, it can also print multiple images to reduce the number of printings.

  5. In addition to the basic 4 colors of CMYK, black, white, orange, purple, fluorescent powder, fluorescent yellow and other colors are also added to increase the printing color gamut, and can print bright colors that cannot be printed by general printing.


​ Advantages


Work area for printing large areas instead of only small areas

  1. The large-area printing working area makes the fabric area that can be printed larger, and it is better to do the design of the whole fabric instead of only printing in a small area.

  2. The roll-type design of the automatic paper delivery system prevents paper jams and greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the machine.



It can be used in various clothing designs, large banner design and printing, and personalized design of large furniture.

For example: when printing clothing, it is usually necessary to print a large area of color and texture maps, etc., and then do additional tailoring, so it can be used in various clothing designs, or large banner design printing; in addition, it can also be used for personalized design of large furniture.

product specification


rootAccording to budget and business needs

Choose a "suitable" Texart  dye-sublimation printer for yourself


Texart XT-640


Texart RT-640


Texart RT-640M


Maximum print area

4  colors (CMYK) and 8  colors (CMYK + LcLmOrVi  and CMYK + OrViFpFy  two options)
Available colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, orange, purple, fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow

Ink Configuration Options

Appearance size (including tripod)

2,835 mm (width)
830mm (deep)  1,650mm (H) 214 kg

2,650  mm (width)
 795  mm (deep)
 1,600  mm (height)
160 kg

2,650 mm (width)
795 mm (deep)
1,600mm (H) 160 kg


Dedicated bracket, power cord, material clip, material holder, separate replacement props, user manual, etc.


Optimized suction power for error-free printing
Equipped with staggered dual nozzles, ensuring a printing speed of up to 41m2/h

Manage remotely from a tablet or smart device.
A free downloadable app from the iTunes  App Store lets users manage production from anywhere.

Direct printing and dye sublimation transfer printing
Using dye sublimation transfer printing, it is possible to print on sportswear, beachwear and fashion fabrics.
Can also be applied to rigid items such as promotional items, rigid boards, ChromaLuxe®, tiles, etc.

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