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                   Science and technology performance software

Rapid production is the foundation and core of VR
  • Unity VR Game Rapid Development Kit

  • Quick Tips for VR Development

  • Make your first VR app

  • Cultivate students' ability of logical thinking and creative design

  • Unity is the easiest software to make VR interactive games

  • Students get quick wins for making VR interactive games


Only by imitating other people's game design can we quickly understand the principle,There is also a sense of accomplishment in learning, and you will not be frustrated in the programming stage all the time!


Students don't have the skills to develop a VR game from scratch on their own


​Product Analysis



Provide the project file developed by Unity,Have legal teaching plan authorization to use

  1. Provide the project files developed by Unity, which can be directly used by teachers or students to quickly teach and learn with the textbooks we have produced.

  2. With legal teaching plan authorization, it can be widely used in the game development and design courses of the whole class, and there is no need to be afraid of infringement issues!

  3. There are a variety of content to choose from, and different game designs can be selected according to different difficulty levels! Fully customized according to the ability of the students!

  4. What you see is what you get, and you can play the finished VR game directly through the Vive immediately, which is a great sense of accomplishment!



​ Advantages

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, provide original files of Unity development projects, and teach students game design courses

  1. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, you can choose the difficulty level of game design according to the different abilities of students.

  2. Provide the original files of Unity development projects, teachers can easily learn and prepare lessons,

  3. Quickly teach students a game design course.



Suitable for multimedia or digital field

Applicable to multimedia or digital fields, students can learn game development while playing games, understand the principles of VR game development, make students interested in investing in the classroom and gain a sense of accomplishment, and are willing to study advanced courses more seriously.

Detailed specifications


Unity VR game rapid development module includes "project file", "e-book"

  • VR Night Market Mini Game Development Course

  • VR Supermarket Product Design Course

  • VR pool game development course

  • VR Bowling Development Course

  • VR Climbing Game Development Course

  • VR Archery Game Development Course

  • VR Escape Room Development Course

  • VR Museum Exhibition Site Development Course

  • VR Treadmill Game Development Course

  • VR Environmental Recycling Development Course

  • VR Motion Capture Development Course

  • VR game development guide 1

  • The Great Book of VR Game Development 2

  • VR Museum Exhibition Site Development Course

  • VR Music Percussion Game Lessons

  • VR Interior Design Development Course

  • Hundreds of other VR development courses

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