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AR Augmented Reality Development Module

virtual world seeing is believing
  • The technology of augmenting virtual information into real space

  • AR augmented reality through the combination of camera recognition technology and computer programs

  • Calculate the position and angle of the camera image in real time and add the corresponding image

  • AR augmented reality does not replace the original visual environment, but adds


​Product Analysis


Now only a mobile phone is needed to provide students with more knowledge information that cannot be found in textbooks.


The text and pictures in common textbooks cannot allow students to directly

Have empathy to understand the content of the textbook



Trigger image scanning through recognition, so that the content of the course is not limited

  1.  In addition to the relevant information in the real environment, a variety of information content can also be displayed by triggering image scanning through identification, so that the content of the course is not limited.

  2.  Provide 6 hours (including more) of professional training courses and teaching plans for original certified lecturers, so that teachers can directly learn the use of software and course applications.

  3. The Zappar online editing platform provides Analytics report analysis and provides teachers with reference data for analyzing teaching plans.



​ Advantages

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, provide original files of Unity development projects, and teach students game design courses

  1. Compared with other AR module identification icons, it is necessary to download a dedicated app.On the other hand, Zappar has a dedicated Zapcode, and you don’t have to download an APP to watch it.

  2. ​Zappar has already cooperated with many international brands,Example: Coca-Cola, Warner Films, Rogue Magazine and other companies cooperate to make it easier for students to enter the workplace after learning.



Applicable to a variety of teaching situations, students understand and learn in a simple and interesting way, making progress faster

  1. Zappar  AR can be applied to escape from the secret room - to improve students' ability to think and solve problems, to explain the literature of various countries, to analyze physics and chemistry, and to teach English in a situational way.

  2. For example: when applied to physical chemistry class, most schools do not have a professional and safe laboratory, but they are afraid that doing experiments will be dangerous. At this time, AR augmented reality teaching can be used to let students simulate the experimental process first. Let students be familiar with the steps and the wrong operation that may cause explosion or fire, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of real dangerous accidents.

Product Description

  • 9 Modes of AR Presentation








pure information





surface placement





spatial integration







​file support -

edit mode -

Presentation mode -

Interactive Mode -


  • ​ upload video

  • picture

  • audio

  • 3D objects

  • link

  • album

  • calendar

  • business card

  • Widget (Getting started with AR)

  • Designer (Advanced AR)

  • Studio (professional MR)

  • The AR mode of Widget and Designer is a fixed information presentation

  • Studio can produce 9 AR presentation methods and MR presentation methods

  • AR object interaction, switching scenes (no coding)

  • MR Interaction (Coding: Typescript)

three tools

Covering beginners to professionals​The combination of technology and education is no longer a slogan

  • Dedicated Zapcode, no need to download APP; support WEB AR


Detailed specifications

Zappar AR Education License  set

  • Provide authorization for online tools such as Widgets /Designer /Studio.

  • Create digital media content into AR zapcode in a quick and easy way through a browser.  

  • Teacher account education authorization for 1 year, the authorization time provides unlimited AR zapcodes scanning times.

  • The Zappar editing platform can embed images, buttons, videos, links, sounds, contacts, calendar events and other materials into AR zapcode, and the generated AR zapcode can print images smaller than 1 cm on flat works, and then scan and present AR digital works , scanning zapcode vehicles must support mobile devices such as mobile phones or Chromebooks.  

  • Each AR zapcode can add up to 15 scene content conversions, and each scene can generate 40 digital media content.

  • Zappar online editing platform can upload digital media content and supports formats below 500 MB such as: AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, 3GP files or less than 10 minutes in length.

  • The Zappar online editing platform provides Analytics report analysis to provide teachers with reference data for analyzing teaching plans.

  • The Zappar editing platform includes a console management function to manage content and teacher and student accounts.  

  • Zappar editing platform classroom education authorization includes a teacher account and 50 student accounts.

  • ​Provide original factory certified lecturers with 6 hours (including above) professional training courses and teaching plans, and the content of the teaching plans must be reviewed and approved by the school.

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