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NSCaster X1 Director

Suitable for professional virtual studio environment

Seeking to achieve the highest standard of production and broadcasting

  • Advanced AIO comprehensive multi-functional integrated digital guide machine

  • Including video switching, rich 3D transition effects, audio mixing

  • It also has rich and powerful graphics and subtitle packaging functions, animation overlay, screen monitoring, DVR, real-time recording, back removal, true 3D virtual, streaming media encoding live broadcast, PTZ camera remote control and other complete functions.


​Product Analysis


Students have no experience in real production and broadcasting at the beginning. Using this NSCaster X1 combined with directing and live broadcast equipment, the operation is simple. Students can not only understand the finishing operation process and structure in the field of film and television, but also allow students to learn how to do secondary control and post-production, etc. Homework, make a professional live broadcast or program.  


Understand the finishing operation process and structure in the field of film and television, as well as sub-control post-production operations



NSCaster X1 combined with directing and live broadcasting functions

  1. The CG panel of NSCaster X1 can publish pictures to the PGM monitor interface. There are many built-in pictures for you to choose, and you can also import external pictures in png/jpg format. The position of the pictures is adjustable, and one source can support up to 12 pictures.

  2. The layout of the broadcast screen has a picture-in-picture effect. You can quickly switch content and sub-pictures to make the live broadcast more creative. Even if the scene where the students are in is only a small corner, the audience can still see the super professional and high-quality live broadcast produced by the students or Recorded programs.  



​ Advantages

The only traditional Chinese interface virtual studio software in the industry

The industry's only virtual studio software with a traditional Chinese interface, allowing students to use it intuitively and quickly.



Students are familiar with the production and broadcasting process and operation in advance, and become skilled in preparing for employment

The Department of New Media or the Department of Information and Communication has courses related to live broadcasting or broadcasting. NSCaster X1 can be used by students to produce professional and complete film and television and live broadcasting programs. It also allows students to familiarize themselves with the production and broadcasting process and operations in advance. Become a skilled worker ready for employment.  


Product Description

NSCaster X1 combined with director and live broadcast equipment


 1. Webcast release

Instant network encoding transmission to multiple live addresses.

 2. Instant virtual scene

​True 3D virtual scenes using trackless tracking technology, can directly use the original 3D MAX files; provide more than 20 sets of true 3D virtual scenes.

 3. Multi-screen monitoring

Supports customizing the number of monitoring windows, the type of monitoring signal source and the name of the monitoring window, and supports dragging and calling of signal sources and multi-screen output monitoring.

 4. Mixed format import

It can import NDI signal source/local video picture, local PPT, network signal, picture-text combination, 2D, 2.5D/3D virtual scene, etc.

 5. Real-time teletext subtitle function

You can open frames and add broadcast-level subtitles arbitrarily, providing rich subtitle templates that can be modified in time.

 6. Control PTZ camera

It can remotely control the pan, tilt, zoom, focus, aperture size and camera position of multiple cameras.


product specification

NSCaster X1


Combined broadcasting and live broadcasting equipment, with 11.6-inch full HD touch screen, designed for multi-source switching, recording, broadcasting, audio mixer, special effects and monitoring. Whether it is WIFI or 4G, it can be used to meet the network playback needs of different occasions. ​

  1. No longer restricted by region, it supports 6 input signal sources, including IP camera, SDI, HDMI, NET, DDR built-in material and other signals, supports professional live broadcast events, and can record screens from 6 input sources at the same time.

  2. The layout of the playback screen has a picture-in-picture effect, which can quickly switch content and pictures, making the live broadcast more diverse.

  3. The built-in audio mixer and multi-signal source mixing effect can control the signal source input and total output volume arbitrarily.

  4. Can record 6 signal sources (SDI-1/2, HDMI-1/2, NET/PGM channel recording), and includes recording power off protection.

  5. No need to connect high-tech devices, such as smartphones. Just scan the QR code on the screen or enter the 6-digit guide code to be connected to the machine immediately.

  6. Built-in rich materials can be used.

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