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Taiwan drone group flight introduction

When drones cross-border performing arts

  • It is the first in China to turn off the lights indoors at low altitude and in a dark environment, and a mobile phone App can automatically control multiple aircraft without group flying light show

  • Unique drone formation dance steps can be customized according to customer needs

  • Each drone is equipped with RGB lights to create different dynamic performances, performing stunning 2D or 3D graphics, dazzling

​Product Analysis


In the past, there were departments related to the use of drones in schools that could only teach students how to use drones for aerial photography, but now they can not only learn how to aerial photography, but also learn how to control drones to fly in groups and become the hottest drone light show now. Train students to become behind-the-scenes operators in the highlights.


Drones fly in groups to light show, train students to become behind-the-scenes operators in highlights



Suitable for indoor group flight performances, not restricted by the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration

  1. The design of the drone body is light and convenient, and it can be easily carried. It can teach students how to show a unique bright light show anytime and anywhere.

  2. The number of drones can be increased or decreased according to the performance venue and budget.

  3. It is suitable for indoor group flight performances and is not restricted by the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration.

  4. The operation of the drone does not need to be connected to a computer, and can be operated directly through the APP, which greatly increases the convenience of teachers and students in operation.



​ Advantages

It is the first in China that can turn off the lights at low altitude indoors in a dark environment,

swarm drone flight

  1. It is the first in China to carry out group flight of drones in a dark environment with lights turned off at low altitude indoors.

  2. ​​One mobile app can automatically control multiple drones flying in groups to perform light shows.

  3. Indoor group flying drones are very safe, and there are few chances of accidents due to weather.



Suitable for New Year's Eve party, lantern show, marriage proposal or wedding performance, etc.

It is suitable for New Year's Eve party, lantern show, marriage proposal or wedding performance, etc.

For school celebration performances or large-scale events, students can design their own drone swarm light show dance steps to present a unique light show to the audience.

Product Description

  • Small hummingbird swarm drone EDU professional suit

  1. Lightweight and convenient body design, easy to carry, showing bright light and shadow anytime, anywhere

  2. High flexibility, the number of drones can be increased as the performance venue changes

  3. There is no need to apply for airspace, and no additional construction is required. It can perform in various occasions such as outdoors, indoors, and light and dark stages.

  4. Fully enclosed safety protection can be operated through APP without connecting to a computer Customized service Dance steps can be customized according to performance needs

  5. Support Scratch, Python and other programming languages to control the speed of the aircraft and roll a variety of flight program control settings to promote the popularization of drone programming education.

1. Acceptance Specifications

  1. The wheelbase is less than 170mm. The body size is not larger than 210mmx210mmx100mm. The weight is less than 200g.

  2. It can withstand wind speed up to 5m/s.

  3. Multi-axis form: more than four axes (inclusive), using brushless motors as the power source.

  4. The battery capacity is above 1500mA (included), which can be quickly plugged in and replaced without fixing it with a belt.

  5. Features a fully-wrapped propeller guard. The fuselage has a built-in colorful LED display light and is protected by a light shell.

  6. Using an indoor positioning system, it can still accurately locate without a light source in the environment, without GPS or landmark calibration.

  7. It has a positioning base station, and can use WiFi and repeaters to connect and upload formation dance steps.

  8. You can directly view hardware information through the APP program (Support Android & iOS), including power/IMU/positioning status/lighting status/compass/accelerometer, etc., and can control take-off and landing with one key.

  9. Supports Scratch or Python program control, and provides at least 8 (inclusive) UAV formation design functions.

  10. Demonstration dance steps of four UAV formations*2, demonstration dance steps of eight UAV formations*3

2. Benefits of UAV swarm performance

  • The drone is light in weight and easy to carry

  • No cumbersome government decree application process

  • Discussion of performance content Short time for choreography and programming

  • The factors that interfere with flying indoors are greatly reduced

  • Indoor swarm drones are highly safe

  • More needs and opportunities for external commercial performances

  • Less chance of accidents due to weather

Detailed specifications

  1. Small hummingbird drone*10pcs

  2. Positioning base station*4pcs

  3. Battery*34pcs

  4. Charging stand (including transformer)*10pcs

  5. TYPE-C transmission line*1pcs

  6. Repeater*1pcs

  7. Spare propeller (including screw)*20pcs

  8. Base station tripod*4pcs

  9. Special transport box*1pcs

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