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AR Wearable Smart Glasses

​Small screen, big effect, seamless integration with reality
  • work, study, bringing unprecedented lightness and functionality
  • Subvert the existing mobile game and e-sports industries, and change the game mode
  • Free your hands, the actual control is no longer illusory
  • Reflected light mechanism, no eye damage, no dizziness, no worry about myopia

​Product Analysis


Various industries at home and abroad have begun to use AR as a marketing tool. If students can acquire relevant creative skills during their studies, it will be of great help to future employment 


​ Multiple learning modes lead children to understand today's technology



  1. Suitable for long-term wear, the temples are spread out and the wearing weight is balanced to improve wearing comfort. The special clamping method is suitable for various head shapes.

  2. Both hands can be released, and both hands can be operated directly

  3. With 3.5mm earphones or Bluetooth earphones, voice control can be integrated with third-party manufacturers.

  4. The magnetic shading sheet is easy to disassemble and install, which can reduce the impact of the brightness of the external ambient light source when viewing images.

  5. Near-eye display: 720p looks like 2k while viewing in 3D

  6. Equipped with inertial measurement devices, time-of-flight ranging sensors and cameras, it can estimate motion trajectories and realize spatial positioning functions. 

  7. No battery capacity limit 

​ Free hands without burden


​ Advantages

                          bsp;       Fusion of reality and virtuality, unlimited fields

  1. Provide a suitable software development kit (SDK) to support the Android operating system, developers can more easily develop new applications, or integrate with third-party services.

  2. There is no battery problem, it is more convenient to do development, in addition, it is easier to use the video captured by the camera, and it can be directly connected to the computer with a cable



​ No distance limit, multiple experiences

  1. During this epidemic period, in museums or any exhibitions, cultural relics can be appreciated regardless of the distance from the venue, and preset tours can also be conducted.  

  2. Applied to medical schools, students can view 3D human body structures and organs by wearing AR smart glasses, which are generally not available. If they use AV smart glasses, more learning space can be added.  

Product Description

  • Overview of Smart Glasses


  • Binocular Si-OLED display:

• High resolution 1080p

• Wide angle FOV 34

• Support 3D Side by Side

•Support 2D/3D image display and switching

  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU):

The displayed content can be adjusted according to the head posture.

  • Camera cover:

To protect the right to privacy, provide cover-up

Hidden mechanism when not using the camera to avoid controversy.

  • camera:

It can be used for data collection (scanning barcodes), product records, and abnormal status reporting (contacting remote experts).

  • Nose pads:

Actively deforms to match the shape of the bridge of the nose, increasing contact

The effective area can disperse the pressure and greatly improve the wearing comfort.

  • temples:

Ergonomically designed with eyeglass holders.

  •  Appearance

Glasses end

  • Dual-eye Si-OLED display
  • ambient light sensor
  • ambient light sensor
  • Headband unit cable

  • camera
interface box
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • TYPE-C connector
  • interface box

  • TYPE-C cable
  • ​ Specifications

  • ​ Dimensions

200  mm
182  mm
55 mm
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