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Zortrax 3D printer

A desktop 3D printer born for stable and fast smart manufacturing

  • Use Z-SUITE slicer software to easily connect and manage multiple zortrax printers via Wi-Fi

  • The newly added built-in camera can monitor the progress of printing at all times 

  • Whether it is used for industrial manufacturing or prototyping, Zortrax's complete system can provide excellent energy-saving and stable intelligent manufacturing speed and convenience


​Product Analysis


Stable and fast, it is a desktop 3D printer. It can do large-area planar models, package component testing and small batch production, and prototypes of various consumer products and mechanical parts.  


Stable and fast, it is a desktop 3D printer



Multiple windows can be opened at one time, and multiple projects can be processed at the same time

  1. Multiple windows can be opened at one time, and multiple projects can be processed at the same time.  

  2. Supports the use of external 3D printing materials.  

  3. Various original printing materials are available for selection.  

  4. Files can be transferred via Wi-Fi, making printing files more convenient.  

  5. The cooling system has evolved to make printing more stable.  

  6. With a larger printing space, more and larger areas can be printed at one time.  


​ Advantages


A variety of intelligent detection functions can be selected according to different needs

  1. Simultaneous processing of multiple files is more time-saving and convenient.  

  2. There are many choices of original printing materials, and different characteristics can be selected for use.

  3. Support external 3D printing materials, more choices.  

  4. A variety of intelligent detection functions can be selected according to different needs.  



By using 3D list machines with different characteristics together, product models can be made more quickly

In the process of product design, there is often a gap between the design concept and the physical production. By using the 3D list machine with different characteristics together, the product model can be made more quickly; and when there is a problem with the finished product, it can also be quickly corrected and re-produced. Not only is it a smart product for the industry, students of product design related departments also have more possibilities to develop product ideas and make finished products.  

Product Description

  • Zortrax 3D printer

  1. Adopted in LPD Plus dual extrusion technology

  2. Print space with 265x265x300 mm

  3. Features Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity

  4. Equipped with power failure sensing system

  5. Calibrating the Printing Platform Using Capacitive Displacement Sensors

  6. Compatible with perfboard, glass and other printing platforms

  7. Supports both single extrusion and dual extrusion modes

  8. Applicable third-party materials

  9. built-in camera lens


exterior material

  1. Z-SUITE's external material properties allow you to test all 1.75mm wires.

  2. Simply load a spool of material and select the type of consumable in the software.

  3. Exterior 3D printing configurations are based on thoroughly tested presets proven to provide reliable results for most types of exterior materials.

available materials



Z-SEMIFLEX  strong and flexible


Z-ULTRAT, Z-PETG  durable and corrosion resistant


Z-ASA Pro,Z-PLA Pro Outdoor First Choice


strong and flexible

Z-SEMIFLEX is a semi-elastic thermoplastic that bends without breaking when its surface is stressed. This material combines restorability and resilience and is ideal for heavy duty flexible components.

product specification

According to budget and business needs
Choose a suitable   Zortrax 3D printer for you

Zortrax M200 Plus

Zortrax M300 Dual

 Zortrax M300 Plus


Maximum print area



Appearance size (including tripod)

  • ​Wi-Fi module

  • Material break detection

  • Cooling System Evolution

  • Built-in lens deployment

  • multi-window

  • quality assurance

  • No consumables

  • large printing space

  • Dual nozzle system

  • Power failure sensing system

  • capacitive sensor

  • Advanced Consumables Control

  • Support third-party consumables

  • large printing space

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections

  • Material break detection

  • Upgrade Extruder and Nozzle

  • new interface

  • optional item

  • Zortrax preset material quality

  • not tied material

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